What is Swine Flu

What is Swine Flu


Swine flu is not just a normal influenza its in fact a dangerous influenza as it will affect you so deeply that in no time you will realize to be in dangerous consequences like pneumonia, asthma, respiratory failure and brain haemorrhage due to high fever.


It was first discovered in 2009 in America. Initially it was found more in farmers who were in close contact with pigs. This virus called as swine flu virus is a mix of virus from swine, bird and human. It is also called as H1N1 virus due to antigens present on its surface.

Can antibiotics control virus?

Virus is apt to changes due to its way of growth. Viruses are fast growing and changing in their basic nature. So they are difficult to be controlled and the antibiotics have no reaction on them.

Who are in danger zone of swine flu?

You are in the danger zone if you fall in this category:

  1. Regular uptake of aspirin.
  2. Age under 5 or more than 65 years.
  3. If you are pregnant.
  4. If you suffer from chronic lung disease or neuromuscular disease.
  5. If you have low immunity or compromised immunity.
  6. If you are HIV positive.

How do I know I have swine flu?

Homeopathic Doctors in Delhi have found the common sign and symptom of swine flu are:

  1. Cough, fever, sore throat, stuffy nose or runny nose.
  2. Body ache and headache
  3. Chill and fatigue.
  4. Watering eyes.

What is prodromal period and infectious period for swine flu?

You are infectious from one day before to seven days after appearance of symptoms. It can exceed to ten days in children.


Swine flu is more dangerous than normal flu. Although like other viruses it cannot exceed more than seven days then what s a big fuss. Homeopathy doctors in Delhi NCR have found out that the big fuss is its complications like respiratory failure which you experience during flu, pneumonia, diabetes and asthma.

How can I know whether I have Swine Flu or not?

Swine flu can be easily detected by taking a swab from your throat for culture and see the H1N1 virual growth. If positive you are suffering from swine flu.

Can we prevent swine flu?

People say swine flu vaccine it’s actually a normal flu vaccine which can even prevent swine flu.

Can we prevent swine flu in homoeopathy?

Homeopathy doctors in India have preventive for such pandemics and epidemics and its choice is made by a homoeopathy doctor after studying the complete symptoms and the total symptoms in people which indicate certain set of medicines which act as preventive as well as curative.

Can I do something to prevent swine flu?

There are a lot of things that you can do to prevent swine flu like:

1) Wash your hands regularly with proper soap and clean water.

2) Do not touch your mouth or nose frequently

3) Avoid crowded places and use mask in these places,.

4) Eat healthy diet and lot of fruits

Top 5 remedies for swine Flu.

Homeopathy has certain remedies for managing and prevention of Swine Flu:

1) Arsenic album: If you have irritating discharge with lot of sneezing and great thirst with desire to drink frequently but in small quantity. You will feel very restless and prostated.

2) Baptisia: Yellow tongue in flu epidemics

3) Dulcamara: Influenza during rainy season in cold weather. When nights are cold and days are relatively hotter. Sore throat with cough.

4) Gelsemium: Can be considered in early stages, if chillness and sneezing are present. Irritable watery discharge from nose. Severe body pains and headache.

5) Nux Vomica: If given in early stages of disease it can avert influenza.



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