How can throat infection cause heart disease?

How can throat infection cause heart disease?

Children get throat infection so regularly as Delhi being considered having high pollution level. In the present environment, allergies with superseded infection are so common. Daily we find people from around all over India visiting New Delhi. They travel from North to south Delhi and east to west for their travel experience covering entire Delhi/NCR and other parts of India spreading various different types of infections.

Can infection in throat cause heart disease?

But have we ever thought that a throat infection can cause a heart disease. It can if you are positive for HLA DR3 antigen and when you are infected with group a beta streptococcal infection.
The infection with the above bacteria only acts as a trigger but the main destruction is by our own defense system. This happens because certain proteins especially in our joints and in our heart resemble that of the bacteria core protein. So the body gets confused and damages its own organs instead.

What is Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease?

“STRUCTURE OF GROUP A BETA HEMOLYTIC STREPTOCOCCI” The age group common for such a disease commonly called as “Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease” is between 5 to 75 years of age.

What are the Factors for Rheumatic Heart Disease?

Homeopathic doctor in Delhi have found in their homeopathy clinics that the additional helping factors for the arousal of such disease are:

  1. Over­crowding,
  2. Poor immune response,
  3. Poor socio­economic conditions
  4. Poor nutrition.

Initially the bacteria lodes itself in the throat causing throat infection and that the time between the infection and appearance of symptoms can vary between 10 days to several weeks.

How can heart disease be linked to Arthritis?

Can children have Arthritis?

The child may present with inflamed heart called “Carditis” which can involve all the layers of the heart including the pericardium (Pericarditis), myocardium(Myocarditis) and endocardium (Endocarditis). Heart may be enlarged with abnormal sounds called murmurs due to valvular defects. In addition to the heart it may also affect the joints leading to arthritis in large joints like the knee, elbows, ankle etc.There is pain, swelling, redness, warmth and subsides after wards. In addition there can be sub­cutaneous nodules in the elbow, shin, occiput and spine which are not painful.

What are Diagnostic criteria’s for Rheumatic Heart Disease?

Sometimes child suffers from Rheumatic Heart Disease which is a late symptom of the disease. It is essential for you to have two or more major criteria or one major and two or more minor criteria’s for you to be diagnosed of rheumatic heart disease.

  1. Major Criteria’s: Carditis, polyarthritis, chorea, erythema marginatum.
  2. Minor Criteria’s : Fever, arthralgia, previous rheumatic fever, raised ESR or C­
    reactive protein, leukocytosis and AV block.
  3. Essential criteria are based on the diagnostic methods.
    1. presence of antibodies against streptococci (ASO titer on rise),
    2. Positive throat culture etc.

How to treat Rheumatic Heart Disease?

  1. Most important treatment is based on bed rest.
  2. Diet restriction of salt if the heart is involved and penicillin as per doctor opinion.
  3. Aspirin and steroids are given to reduce the pain and inflammation in allopathic treatment.
  4. There are many remedies in Homeopathy which can be tried under the advice of best homoeopathic doctor to restrict the progress of the disease and limit its complication as well as restore health.

Can homeopathic doctor treat Rheumatic Heart Disease in Children?

In homeopathy medicines are selected according to the totality of symptoms as a whole. Childs physical symptoms and mental symptoms are considered. Some other factors like climate and the environment of the child are also important. To name a few which might be of consideration are Top 5 homeopathic medicines for Rheumatic Heart Disease.

  1. Bryonia Alb: Pains increase by motion and better by rest, pressure and warmth.
  2. Causticum: manifests its action in chronic cases. worse dry cold winds.better in damp wet weather and cold air.
  3. Colchicum: Joints are red hot and swollen. Shifting rheumatism. 4) Kalmia: Dyspnea and tachycardia with pain, Tobacco heart.
  4. Rhus tox.: Pains increase by first motion and better by walking.

It is highly essential that all suggestive medicines are given by a registered homoeopathic doctors and the prognosis of the disease is properly determined regularly by various diagnostic procedures. Never the less throat infection with long term fever even if it’s mild should never be neglected and should be treated promptly.

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